March 2016

Sunday "Picnic in the Park" Lunch Run 27th March 2016

Despite the hot and hazy conditions, around 25 classic enthusiasts, family and friends met the morning of Sunday 27th Match 2016 at Origin Swiss Café on Ratchapreuk Road, where people received a friendly personal welcome from proprietor Alain.

Whilst our classic cars safely lined the broad street out front, we all lined both sides of a very long extended table in a shady area on the café’s terrace. Service was prompt, attentive and well organised and Alain and his team coped extremely well with the demands of our large group.

After extensive socialising and chatting, organiser Nest attempted to do a loud ‘Rex impersonation’ and called everyone to order for a pre-departure briefing and run through his route map, which had been previously handed out.

Sadly, some of our group could not commit to the run, so the balance departed in two groups for the scenic drive along the banks of the Ping River and ultimately onto Lamphun and the extensive gardens, lakes and classical structures of Baan Phorliang Meun.

A warm welcome was received from the staff at Baan Phorliang Meun, who greeted us with iced water and roasted sweet sticky rice snacks, and escorted us to our shady seating spot on a lakefront deck. The shade was good, and a couple of fans were augmented by a lovely slight breeze coming off the water of the lake – just perfect!

As had been publicised in the notice, we were not bringing food to eat ourselves, but bringing food for everyone to share. As people unpacked their goodies, our extensive buffet was revealed at one end of our very long table, and it soon became clear that the 15 of us had bought along enough food to feed about 40 – a feast of both Western and Thai dishes! Nest and wife Khun Earn had bought along real plates and proper cutlery for everyone – no paper plates and bendy plastic or cheap metal forks for us – we were picnicking in style!

With plates full to overloading, drinks came out, cans fizzed, corks popped & we sat down to a delicious casual lunch in beautiful surroundings, with great company.

The hours passed quickly, and soon it was after 3pm and time to pack up and call it a day. Gratuities were collected and gratefully received by Baan Phorliang Meun’s attentive staff and we were told we are welcome to return anytime. Yes please! Following packing & clearing up, our group split up to return home.

A lovely casual and relaxing day was had by all , and for those that couldn’t make it – well, you’ll never know what a lovely day you missed! Our thanks go to Nest R and his lovely wife Khun Earn for organising the day for everyone to enjoy. Work well done and much appreciated by all!