January 2020

Sunday Lunch Run to Love Sushi
Sunday 26th January

What a splendid result, 20 Classic cars with about 45 Classic Car Lovers, attended The Love Sushi run on Sunday January 26. A big thanks and salute for organizer Mark H and his wife Khun Thim for taking the lead regarding this event. Also, our special thanks for navigator Rob G, who supported Mark with the road book.

The day started at 10:00 AM on the parking lot of The Love Sushi restaurant in Mae-Rim. After some small talk and admiration of all Classic Cars arriving at our meeting point, we made a group photo and gave the stage to Rex. Rex announced his famous words: "Gentlemen start your engines" and off we went heading towards the Phusanfah resort. After a drive in the mountains of about 1 hour we all had time for a well-deserved cup of coffee and cake.
We all enjoyed the scenery and the well-maintained flower garden, before we drove back to Mae-Rim. Mark and Rob didn’t take the easy road but arranged another 1-hour drive in the mountains and winding roads through rice-fields, which brought us back to the restaurant.

Most Classic Car crews decided to have a late lunch at Love Sushi, which completed this fantastic and tasteful event.