February 2020

Sunday Social & Charity Lunch Run
Sunday 23rd February

It was a beautiful Sunday for our farewell event. Most Cambodia travelers came to the Origin Café for coffee and breakfast too, so we could share our tour experiences. After drinks and food, Rex aka The Voice of Classic Cars of Lanna informed us, to get ready for departure at 11.15 AM. Marc V thanked Alain, his wife and his staff for hosting us over the last years for our regular Sunday coffee meetings. Nevertheless, time has come to explore some new venues, but we promised we will return in the future.

After we all fired up our engines, a convoy of 13 Classic cars drove some back roads in Hang Dong area. First towards the Chiang Mai night safari, following some small roads to reach the Samoeng loop and after that even smaller, but beautiful roads that led us to the house of Nest and Khun Earn.

A big Thank You Very Much for Rik and Vera, who guided us over these roads and took care, we all arrived sound and safe, well almost……

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta of Franck M faced some problems with his drivetrain, which seemed to be broken, when he arrived at Nest’s house. Luckily Nest happened to have a car lift in his garage, Rene D had a replacement part for the car at his house, and Franck was so smart to bring the best Alfa mechanic from Chiang Mai, Khun Daychar, as his co-driver to this event. After some hard labour the car was repaired while the other attendees were enjoying drinks and lunch in the garden area.

The lunch was delicious with a great atmosphere among the visitors. As this event was not only a farewell lunch for the house of Nest and Khun Earn, Nest was so kind as to prepare all food for free, so that all money that was collected went to the Philanthropy Connections Foundation of Sallo Polak. In total almost 20,000 Baht was collected, a great achievement thanks to Nest and Khun Earn (and Rex’s cajoling).

Once again Nest and Khun Earn many thanks for hosting us for the last time at your house.

For more photos please see Classic Cars of Lanna Facebook group.