September 2019

Sunday Social Gathering & "Secret Samoeng" Lunch Run
Sunday 29th September

September’s interesting and exciting run was generously organised & hosted by Gerard, Rebecca, Karina, Floortje and Marc V – our thanks go to you all for such a sensational day! Good job!

We met from 10am at Marc & Karina's lovely house at Moo Baan, Baan Chom Thung, Mae Rim District. On arrival, cars were directed into parking spots, so as not to block the streets. From there it was but a 2 minute walk upto the house and into their terrace, which had been set up with seating and tables laden with tea, coffee and delicious home-made Dutch apple cake. If they’d been selling the Dutch apple cake as part of the fundraiser, there would have been a large queue!

Members, partners and family socialised easily in this lovely environment, until it was time for Rex to call the group to order and get a pre departure briefing and route-notes from Marc V. Then it was time for a group photo op then to the cars to form up and head off.

The prepared route was indeed very quiet and most scenic – without doubt a ‘secret’ way to Samoeng and a first for many. A refreshment stop was made by a charming little lake. Then it was off again in convoy, higher up into the mountains and ultimately through the town of Samoeng and onto the Samoeng scenic look out, which is complete with rotunda (sala) and seating – overall about a 2 hour run.

Parked up, ready and waiting for us, was the Monster Burger Food Truck, all set up to dispense our choice of pork or chicken burger. Everyone enjoyed the scenic and social atmosphere, but eventually the time came to head for home. From here our convoy fragmented, with some heading off in the direction of Hang Dong and others back towards Mae Rim. Several had an unofficial coffee stop at X-Centre on the way home!

A total of Baht 8,100 was raised on the day, to benefit the Ban Nai Soi community and learning centre, a project managed by Philanthropy Connections, which Marc, Karina, Gerard and Rebecca topped up to make a nice round donation of Baht 10,000.