September 2016

Luncheon Run to Tharnthong Lodges - 25th September

This month our members Jon and Ling organised a luncheon run for us, returning to the popular venue from our September 2013 run, an unusual and local Thai restaurant a few kilmometers out of town.

Almost 20 members and friends met at our usual meeting place of Origin Swiss Cafe, on the Night Safari Road, from 10am. onwards for a chat, a coffee or tea, and a breakfast laid on for us by our host and sponsor at special member discounts of 10% off regular menu prices.

Then, at 11:30am we set off in convoy to our lunch venue, the magnificent Tharnthong Lodges situated in the Mae On District approximately 45kms from Origin., arriving at 1pm.

After lunch, members were abler to wander at leisure around the beautiful gardens, before departing for home. Thanks go to Jon and Ling for organising this very enjoyable event.