September 2014

Sunday Ladies Luncheon Run - 28th September

The Ladies of Classic Cars of Lanna organised this month's event for us all.

Our meeting place was different this month: Hom Glun Coffee at Payap University complex, owned by member Khun Nonglak is where about 20 members and friends and 8 classic cars met from 10am onwards.

Khun Nonglak doesn’t normally open on a Sunday, but especially opened for CCL. She very kindly donated 100% of the takings (not the profit – all of it) on the morning to support & care for the street dogs in & around Payap University. So a big thanks to Khun Nonglak, her staff and all members who came hungry and thirsty ready to support this most worthy cause!

At about 11:30am we departed in convoy, flags flying, for our lunch venue, SATESINLP RESTAURANT on the Sankampaeng Road, via a circuitus route, taking us to the temple at Doi Saket along the way, where members were able to stretch their legs and take in the beauty of the temple.

At the restaurant a set lunch had been orgainsed for us by members Khun Ling and Khun Amy, to whom thanks are extended for organising an excellent day.