September 2012

Sunday Social Gathering & Special Presention - 30th September

We had a good turnout at NIM City Daily on the 30th September of around a dozen cars, including Neil introducing us to his beautifully restored 3.4 litre Jaguar S Type. And I’m talking here of the original S Type and not the modern retro ‘take off’! This brought back memories for me, as I used to be a proud owner of a 3.8 litre Jaguar S Type many years ago and have fond recollections of having to change the handbrake disk pad, which operates independently off the Jag’s inboard disks. This means that with typical British ingenuity & engineering finesse, it’s necessary to drop the whole rear end of the car out to change the handbrake disk pad! Ahhhh – Jaguars....... But I digress....

Visitors included Khun Pravut from the Thai Classic Car Association in Bangkok, who we were pleased to welcome back to a Classic Cars of Lanna event. As a souvenir of his visit, Khun Pravut was presented with a pair of our new & extremely smart Classic Cars of Lanna windscreen sticker roundels.

Member Rex did the rounds and made sure that everyone in attendance purchased one or more of these beautiful CCL raised roundel stickers (just Baht 100 each or Baht 180 for 2) and made sure that in preparation for our convoy run out to Payap University, all vehicles were equipped & fitted with a pair of our CCL window flags, which really help to identify our convoy to other road users as, well, a convoy!

We departed in convoy from NIM City Daily, out to Hom Glun Coffee, on campus at Payap University, assisted greatly by our readily recognisable window flags & aided by the fact that between NIM & Payap, there is just one set of traffic lights!

Shady parking was plentiful adjacent to Hom Glun Coffee at Payap University & Hom Glun Coffee had opened especially on a Sunday for Classic Cars of Lanna and set aside a private aircon room, equipped with an LCD TV, for Mike M & Franck M’s presentation.

Mike M commenced the proceedings first & provided our group with a detailed handout and an absolutely fascinating presentation on the nuts & bolts of how he achieved the importation of his classic into Thailand – and legally too! The ‘red tape’ encountered was extensive & clearly it was Mike’s dogged determination, perseverance & persistence that eventually got him (and his classic) over the line! The Q&A session which followed continued for quite some time & demonstrated the interest attendees have in this subject.

It was then Franck’s turn & Franck talked us through an extensive & very interesting pictorial & video presentation on his recent firsthand experience attending the amazing 2012 Le Mans Classic. Oh the cars - classics, classics & more classics, of simply mouth watering & mind boggling variety. From the more ‘ordinary’ classic (if there is actually such a thing) through to valuable collectables & absolute exotics. Just incredible.

Time got the better of us on the day, so it was decided that Franck’s material on the 2012 Ennstal Classic Rallye would be held over for a future CCL event. All agreed it had been a delightful & interesting meeting & cars made their way off individually at the close of the presentations.

Our thanks go to fellow enthusiasts Mike M & Franck M for all their hard work & for their interesting & so totally different, but complementary, presentations.