October 2020

Sunday Social and Lunch Run
Sunday 25th October

It was a warm welcome back at Origin Swiss Café. It seems that our regular amount of event attendants is rising every month. This Sunday we had at least 30 people attending, which was great. Perhaps it’s due to the fact, that corona brings us closer together, let’s continue this positive event vibe, also when corona is long gone.

Most of us arrived around 10 AM to chat and discuss our cars, experiences over the last month or admiring the new location of the Origin Swiss Café. Some members we haven’t seen for a while returned so we had enough to talk about.

At 12 some of us started the engines, to drive in convoy to Wat Phrathat Doi Kham.

When we arrived at the mountain road, that should have led us to the temple, the police shut down the road and told us we couldn’t go to the temple with our own cars. It was just too busy. After a very brief discussion we decided to continue our trip through the winding roads towards the Chantra Khiri Chalet restaurant.

The restaurant was fully booked, but as we had arranged a table up-front, we had a prime location in this amazing restaurant. 14 of our members gathered for lunch and drinks and we all enjoyed this beautiful location, with very tasteful food.

If you couldn’t join, please check-out the pictures on below link, because this is really a place well worth visiting. www.chantrakhirichalet.com

Below is a selection of photos taken by Steve of the event