October 2019

Weekend Rally to Sukhothai
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 25th - 27th October

A group of 23 members and frineds set off in 8 classic cars and a number of more modern ones, on on schedule from our Amazon Coffee meeting point on highway 11. Rain hampered progress a little, but soon cleared, with everyone making it to our first waypoint, the extremely eclectic 'Thin Thai Coffee'.

Many had pre-ordered, so it wasn't long before we were back on the road & on our way to Uttaradit and our next waypoint & lunch stop, the extremely popular Lom-Yen Restaurant.

From here, it was a scenic & uneventful run all the way into (old) Sukhothai. Our hotel had been in contact to check on our progress, so were ready & waiting for us when we arrived.

The service at Sawasdee Sukhothai Resort was faultless & soon everyone was checked in, with several quickly finding the swimming pool & guest lounge with honour bar! This was a free evening, so people drifted off in groups to find somewhere to dine.

The following morning, our guide met us at the hotel for a briefing & it was then off in convoy to Sukhothai Historical Park, for first a photo op, and then onto our dedicated electric tram to tour the inner areas of the historic park. Back in our cars, it was time to tour some of the outer historic monuments, before the group fragmented for a free afternoon.

Late afternoon saw us take over the hotel's breakfast area, to hold a CCL wine & cheese fundraiser for a couple of hours, ahead of setting off for our group dinner at nearby Sinvana Restaurant.

Thanks go to everyone for supporting our fundraiser & particularly to Mark & K. Thim, who generously purchased our remaining bottles of wine & donated them to be used later that evening with our dinner.

It turned out our 8 course Thai dinner was a bit of an overkill, or over order at least, as we'd failed to factor into our thinking that people would have already partially filled up on cheese & crackers ahead of dinner! Better too much than too little though.

The final morning saw everyone meet up for breakfast, before returning to Chiang Mai independently.

Amazingly there were no breakdowns & the only automotive casualties were a lost hubcap & a lost headlight bezel - not bad at all really!