October 2015

Sunday Visit to UCR Car Factory - 25th October

Over 25 members and friends, along with a dozen classic cars, gathered from 10am onwards at our usual meeting point of Buddy's Terrace Bistro, NIM City Daily, for coffee, tea and breakfast items at special member's prices.

Then, at 11:30am we departed in convoy, led by member Alberto C, well-known classic car photographer and John R, owner of Chiang Mai's very own car factory, who led the group in his lovely XJ-S V12 Convertible.

Alberto C and John took us to their new workshop where they are currently manufacturing Cobra replica cars, using Toyota running gear and engines.

We were given a tour of the workshop, and a talk on the car and production methods. One finished car (the proto-type) and one long-wheelbase car in production were shown to us. All very impressive.

We also had the opportunity to inspect John's large collection of classic cars from around the world.

After the workshop tour 20 members and friends went to a nearby Italian restaurant for lunch.

Sincere thanks go to John and Alberto for allowing our group the first glimpse of Chiang Mai's very own car production facility.