November 2017

Saturday Lunch and Shopping Run to Saha Estate
25th November 2017

As the Saturday is the prime day for the huge SAHA Fair in Lamphun, be broke with tradition & met on the Saturday instead of our usual Sunday. It’s hard to know if this change of day impacted on the level of participation, but it was a rather select group of around a dozen that met last Saturday morning at Origin Swiss Café – far less than we’ve come to expect. A few people had other commitments & were unable to join for the day, so it was a very modest convoy of just 5 vehicles that set off (post briefing) for the drive to Lamphun, with Ian in the lead.

We navigated onto the 108, then down the 121 outer ring road & u-turned to get onto the main highway 11 to Lamphun. Traffic was fast & heavy, but our small group managed to stay reasonably well intact. We ultimately turned off after Lamphun onto the 114, where event organiser Khun Vittaya was awaiting us in his Mercedes 450 SLC. All cars were issued with SAHA VIP cards for the windscreens, giving us VIP entry & parking (and lots of smart salutes from SAHA guards!). We shortly met up with our SAHA VIP escort vehicle & with roof lights flashing, were escorted into the SAHA industrial park. SAHA is so huge, they have their own aircraft runway / landing strip. With no planes permitted this weekend, it is on this long runway the SAHA Fair is set up. Our VIP parking was literally right alongside the runway, so absolutely perfect for shopping.

Having agreed on a meeting time back at the cars, our group took off on their own for some retail therapy, to snap up some SAHA Fair bargains! Following this shopping spree, Khun Vittaya had organised an open sided electric bus to take us on a tour of SAHA’s amazing Self Sufficiency Project. Clearly SAHA understand their social responsibility & contribute back to the local community with this all-organic & very interesting project.

Following some tasty sweet corn samples & a group photo opportunity, it was then off to the Hariphunchai Golf Club for lunch in their club rooms. A tasty Thai lunch was shortly provided, along with icy-cold refreshments. To the pleasant surprise of all, our host Khun Vittaya generously hosted lunch for our group too.

It was then back to our electric bus for the run back to the runway, where some of our group continued shopping for more bargains, whilst others took the opportunity to return to Chiang Mai ahead of rush hour traffic.

Our sincere thanks go to our organiser for the day, Khun Vittaya & whilst we were a small group it did not detract for our having a most enjoyable & interesting day at SAHA Fair.