May 2013

Sunday Photographic Workshop Run - 26th May

True to form Chris Barr, our sponsor at Bistro1 NIM City Daily, had 10 places reserved for us at Lunchtime Sunday. Sadly only 3 were filled with classics, although other members were there they had, for one reason or another, arrived in moderns.

At around 2:30pm, we followed organiser Neil in convoy to his beautiful 11 rai riverside home. Alberto arrived and those of wishing to have there cars photographed moved from the drive to the rear lawn where we were positioned by Alberto who then gave a brief introduction to automobile photography – the most important for those of us standing in the hot sun was the obvious one of “move to the shade” to get a more even appearance, rather than super bright areas contrasting with deep shadow! The general introduction was followed by a period of individual tuition to the delight of all those taking part.

By 5.30pm everyone was happy with their results and so we moved into the cool interior of Neil’s welcoming home for yet more refreshments and snacks and then into the sunken TV area where Alberto presented two interesting ‘shorts’ the first of photographs taken on the 2012 Tiger rally through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, during which those of us who were fortunate enough to have attended the launch of Alberto’s book “Treasures on Wheels” would have recognised many of the cars who and their owners who joined us at the Ping Nakara Hotel for the launch.

This was followed by another, related presentation which showed the work required to produce such a fine volume of photographs, shot in the courtyard of John Richardson's House, where all the photography was done. This to the amazement of those of us who thought that it was all shot in a studio. But then we saw how it was done.

More drinks, and with thanks to Alberto expressed by Neil, and thanks to Neil given on behalf of the CCL Steering Group and all those present by member Rex the party began to break up.
But not without that warm feeling of afterglow and a few lingering glasses of fine beverages.........