March 2018

Sunday Luncheon Run : "Baan Paa Ing Doi" - Pong Khrai
Sunday 25th March 2018

This month we have an exceptional treat for you! Member John V & Khun Muuske are generously opening their hillside home 'Baan Paa Ing Doi' to us, as a special lunch venue.

The location is hidden away, off the Samoeng Road, in the general direction of Mon Chaem, in an area called Pong Khrai. John & K. Muuske are ably assisted in the organisation of this event by member Marc D.

We meet from 10am at our regular haunt, Origin Swiss Cafe on the Night Safari Road, close to the intersection with the Hang Dong Road. There's tine for tea, coffee or a late breakfast, ahead of our departing in convoy at 11am.

Our convoy leader on the day will be Marc D, whilst John V & K. Muuske remain at their home, making final preparations.

On departing from Origin, we make a U turn to take us to the Irrigation Canal Road, where we hang a right & follow the road right through to the 107 (Mae Rim Road), stopping to regroup before the intersection. We remain on the 107 only briefly, before turning off after the cavalry barracks to head onto some nice twisty turny side roads linking through to the Samoeng Road & ultimately on to Baan Paa Ing Doi at Pong Khrai, arriving around 12:30pm.

Lunch will be a combination of Thai & western fare & the price of THB250 per person also includes fresh fruit, drinking water, tea & coffee. Beer will be available for purchase at cost & please feel free to BYO if you'd like to drink wine.

AS John V & K. Muuske need to cater for this event, it is essential you RSVP, advising the number of persons in your party.

Please email your acceptances to:

So that participants get to enjoy the exact route painstakingly researched & selected by the organisers, GPS coordinates for our destination will NOT be provided.

At the pre-departure briefing, participants will be advised of the phone number for the convoy leader. If lost or broken down, you can call this number & talk to the convoy leader. Otherwise the convoy will only stop at designated regrouping points! This will then avoid the convoy waiting needlessly for cars that appear to be lost, when in fact they're following their GPS instead of the prepared route.

Note that planned routes are usually scenic & likely not the shortest or quickest route to our ultimate destination.