June 2019

Sunday Social Gathering
Sunday 30th June

The gathering at Karin & Shor's was well supported, with around 15 classics in attendance & 25 people. Lots of car park talk preceded a move inside.

Karin & Shor's management had done as promised, reserving parking for us, as well as setting up special tables for us inside. Lots of breakfast orders were placed & several of the ladies were seen patronising Karin & Shor's organic fresh produce shop.

Conversation inside was brisk & the staff managed well to keep up with people switching tables to talk with others! It was around 1pm before the last ones departed, indicating that people had enjoyed themselves.

We spotted a lovely outdoor area at the rear of the premises, not seen before and a return to this area in one of the cooler winter months would be excellent.

Our thanks go to Robert & Susan S for accepting the coffee shop challenge and recommending Karin & Shor's to us for Junes' social gathering.