June 2017

Sunday Social Gathering
Sunday 25th June 2017

It was with great surprise, upon turning into the Ratchapreuk road, to find that what I was already one of the nicest roads in Chiang Mai was in the process of being resurfaced! A huge machine was in the process of grinding off the top layer of asphalt (for recycling in the new road surface), resulting in noise, dust & dirt, which was further exacerbated when a water truck subsequently came along & sprayed the (now muddy) road surface. Pristine cars parked along the roadside were immediately dirty, with some of our group cleverly electing to park behind Origin Swiss Café instead of out front.

With a cycling team already in situ in the dusty & noisy conditions of Origin’s outdoor area, our decision was to either relocate & find somewhere else to move to, leaving a message for any late arrivals, or to move inside into Origin’s air-conditioned dining room. Line of least resistance prevailed & we moved inside where it was cool, quiet & dust-free!

With many of our regulars away in Europe during the northern hemisphere summer, we still managed quite a reasonable turnout, with aroud15 of us enjoying Origin’s food & beverages, whilst convivial automotive conversations continued in at least 3 languages & a lovely variety of accents – exemplifying what a classic car community is all about – crossing language & cultural divides!

Our gathering eventually disbanded around 12 noon & despite a shaky start to the morning with the surprise roadworks, consensus seemed to be that it had been a very pleasant car-centric morning.