July 2015

Sunday Social Gathering - 26th July

It was a rainy drizzly Sunday morning in Chiang Mai – not exactly the ideal weather for a Classic Cars of Lanna Sunday Social, especially when the day involves a short run out to Chill Park (Hang Dong Road, across from Big C Hang Dong) and the September Brasserie, for lunch & a demonstration of owner Petri’s new environmentally friendly GeoWash car washing system! Difficult to do successfully when it’s raining!

Our meeting point was Buddy’s Terrace Bistro at NIM City Daily, so it was with some surprise that despite the weather, we were soon expanding tables in the shelter of Buddy’s outside terrace & had a row of 8 classics lined up out the front! As well as a couple of ‘modern’s’. People we expected to turn up didn’t & others we didn’t expect to turn up did! It’s that time of year I think!

A pleasant time was spent socialising & drinking coffee, whilst discussing Nest’s new 5 litre Mercedes V8 conversion to his historic rally spec Mercedes 450SLC (what a musical burble it makes too) and new member Damien’s super-cute little ’62 Toyota (as that a ‘Publica’ model Damien?). With such riveting conversation topics, was it any wonder that some of the ladies made their excuses & went shopping!

Rex eventually called the meeting to order, using his newly acquired & rather battered (but still very loud) brass antique style mini car horn & issued the ‘start your engines’ order & we headed out in the continuing drizzle to battle Sunday traffic to get to September Brasserie for a lovely lunch prepared by owner Petri & his family. Petri had parked his classic Ford Mustang out the front for easy recognition. By the time a couple of stragglers had caught up with us at September Brasserie’s, we had 16 in our group (see pic). September’s range of craft beers were given a thorough (but responsible) work out & Petri’s Baht 98 bargain lunch was just outstanding value for money, with many already planning their return visit to try out the tapas menu.

The GeoWash carwash demo unfortunately needed to be simulated, due to the continuing rain. The GeoWash system claims water use of only 2 to 3 litres per car (versus 75 – 150 litres with conventional systems), but as luck would have it, with the continuing rain, we had more water than we could cope with! The GeoWash carwash comes to you in the carpark, which is ideal for classics as many owners don’t like the idea of carwash staff driving their treasures. In Ian's case it’s also ideal as carwash staff don’t know what to do with a 4 speed column shift manual gearbox (and no power steering)!

All in all it was a pretty good turnout for a rainy Sunday, but in many ways, what better way is there to spend a rainy Sunday, than with a bunch of fellow classic enthusiasts, enjoying good conversation, a modest drink & a delightful lazy lunch!

Photos courtesy of Steve Yarnold and CityLife