July 2012

Sunday Run 29th July - to Maesa Elephant Camp / Som Tam Beatles

10am meet at our normal haunt, Bistro1 at NIM City Daily, adjacent to Central Airport Plaza. Time to enjoy tea, coffee or one of Bistr1’s delicious bacon sandwiches (bacon sandwich = ‘bacon butty’ if you’re from Liverpool, like The Beatles!)

Then it’s decision time. You need to decide which option you’re going to select:

Flying Column A: Maesa Elephant Camp, followed by an optional continuation to The Beatles Station for a late lunch (more on the Beatles Station later!)

Flying Column B: The Beatles Station, or ‘Som Tam Beatles’ as it’s evidently known locally by our Thai friends.

11am: Flying Column A, lead by Jimmy, departs for Maesa Elephant Camp www.maesaelephantcamp.com , on the Mae Rim – Samoeng Road, in the heart of the Maesa Valley. Arrive at Maesa Elephant Camp by noon, with time to explore the attractions, ahead of watching the 1:30pm elephant show. Lunch or a snack can be taken ahead of the show, or following the show, Jimmy can take you onto The Beatles Station (Som Tam Beatles) just a few minutes away, for a late lunch & a show of a very different type! Note: Entry to Maesa Elephant Camp will cost a modest Baht 200 per person & includes the elephant show.

11:30am: For those that may have already had their fill (not literally! J) of Northern Thailand’s elephants, Flying Column B will depart for The Beatles Station (Som Tam Beatles), which is also on the Maesa Valley Road, 3 or 4 km from Maesa Elephant Camp. The Beatle Station (Som Tam Beatles) is owned and operated by Khun Jaeb, a The Beatles tribute performer and his wife. Khun Jaeb is an excellent guitarist & singer, whilst his wife is a very good Thai cook. The Beatles Station consists of a number of rustic bungalows, a rustic Kitchen & an equally rustic Dining area, with a performance zone – all heavily themed with The Beatles memorabilia. Even the restaurant menu is The Beatles themed & no doubt Khun Jaeb will be in fine form and entertain with renditions from his extensive The Beatles repertoire! Food & beverage prices are very reasonable and a fun & entertaining time is assured. Following lunch, people can depart at their leisure.

So come along and join us for a fun & family day out.

Click this link for more details on Maesa elephant camp