January 2017

Sunday Luncheon Run to member Russ B's Lake House
Sunday 29th January

Our first run for the year was to member Russ’ beautiful Lake House property. And very successful it was too.

We had a good contingent turn up at Origin Swiss Café beforehand for socialising (and tea / coffee / breakfast), with most continuing on the lunch run. As well, we had several members & their cars meet us directly at Russ’ Lake House, so all in all, an excellent response.

We thought the drive there would be straightforward, as the majority of the run was simply (so we thought) on the 121 outer ring road. What is it they say about the best laid plans etc!? Thanks to numerous sets of traffic lights, compounded by extensive roadworks on the 121, despite our best efforts, our convoy got badly fragmented. We all made it eventually though & a couple thought lost on the way were already there at the Lake House awaiting our arrival – the power of GPS coordinates!

So by the time we gathered in the grounds of Russ’ Lake House, we had a contingent of about 15 classic cars, as well as a couple of ‘moderns’. The photos speak for themselves as far as the cars & people there, as well as Russ & K. Kaew’s ‘weekender’ house & of course the large fish stocked lake.

Suffice to say, Russ & K. Kaew were highly organised & ready for our arrival with a range of cold refreshments and a wonderful spread of food, deserts & fruit for our lunch. Tables & chairs were set out & ready, everyone ate & drank their fill & a wonderfully relaxed time was had by all. After lunch, Russ demonstrated feeding his fish, which then resembled more a shoal of seething piranhas than local Tab-Tim!

On behalf of all participants as well as Classic Cars of Lanna, we would like to pass on our sincere thanks & appreciation to Russ & K. Kaew for their tremendous hospitality & generosity for not only hosting our group at their property, but for completely hosting lunch & beverages for around 30 people too.