February 2015

Sunday "Picnic by the Pool" - 22nd February 2015

This year our picnic, organised by members Nest and Earn, was one month earlier than usual, to try and avoid the scorching mid-day temperatures of the hot season. We were lucky with perfect temperatures on the day.

We met at our new meeting place, Buddy's Terrace Bistro, NIM City Daily, from 10:00am onwards.

At 12 noon around 12 members and friends and 6 classic cars departed in convoy to our picnic site, the garden of the lovely home of Nest and Earn in Nam Phrae, Hang Dong, arriving there in time for lunch at about 12:30pm. We were joined by a further 10 members and friends and three more classic cars.

Members each brought one dish suitable for sharing, all home-made, and the result was a fine array of savoury and sweet delights.

Nobody brought along their swimming costumes, and although a "skinny dipping" option was given, thankfully no-one took up the challenge!

Nest had prepared a slide show of photos from his recent participation in the Myanmar-Burma Rally, and entertained us with stories of the trip, as well as offering us some special Mandalay Rum to taste after lunch.

A fun time was had by all concerned, and sincere thanks go to Nest and Earn for their most gracious hospitality in opening up their home, pool and gardens for us all.