December 2019

Sunday Social Gathering 29th December 2019

We rounded off yet another year of Rallies, Lunch Runs and Socials with a Sunday Social Gatering at our regular meeting place of Origin Swiss Cafe, on the Night Safari Road, close to the Hang Dong Road junction, from 10am to 12 noon.

Over 25 members and friends gathered with a fine array of classic cars, to enjoy coffee, tea, and for some a hearty Swiss Breakfast, along with easy-flowing conversation about the past year's events, and talks about our programme for 2020 and beyond.

Member Rex introduced Marc V and Mark K as the two new members of the Steering Group, who will be taking over from Rex and Ian G to organise events for Classic Cars of Lanna moving forward into the next decade.

Huge thanks go to Rex and Ian G for their tireless efforts and enthusiasm in steering the Club since our inception in 2005, and we look forward to seeing them at many of our monthly events in the future.

Although the guards have changed our Classic Car Club won’t change much. As we all like our monthly Sunday gatherings we will continue these events but now at two new venues - one to the north of the city and another to the south (details to follow).