August 2011

Sunday Run - 28th August 2011

After a night of heavy rain the day dawned bright and clear and we had 10 cars arrive, drivers were:- Rex; Nest: Jimmy (with the Benz 'Lubbish Car - now for sale at 650K); Neil; Lionel (just back after 4 months in California); Robert; Paul; Rob; Daycha & Franck.

Neil, Robert & Rob came only for the coffee and chat leaving 7 cars to make the circuit of the Ping. Before setting out we presented a CCL umbrella to sponsor Chris Barr and Paul took the opportunity to outline the new Website launch.

We left NIM City at around 11.30 and proceeded gently south, following the Ping from T it's 'junction' with the 1st Ring Road. We were crossing the Ping by the Hang Dong-Saraphi Road AR around 12 and returned via the West bank and doubling slightly back to arrive at Ban Wang Tan at 12.20 where Khun Dee, the restaurant manageress had reserved parking spaces for us.

We were conducted to our lakeside reserved seating where 12 sat down to lunch and selected from the extensive menu. By coincidence everyone choose from the Thai section so an extensive selection was enjoyed by all.

Several of the people attending said they will return for another meal under their own steam as it was so enjoyable & relatively inexpensive.

Thank you Rex for being our run organiser this month & for putting this together for us all to enjoy.