April 2013

Sunday Charity Night Safari Run - 28th April

Our Annual Charity Event, prganised by member Franck, and kindly sponsored by Quantel Medical and the Chiang Mai Night Safari was a great success.

About 25 members and friends met at Abacus Cofe Shop, in front of Horizon Village Resort, from 1:00pm onwards.

At 1:30pm, we depart in a convoy of 15 classic cars, led by a Police escort, to the Belssed House childrens home, about a 15 minute drive away, collect almost 50 children and their helpers. We drove them in convoy to Chiang Mai Night Safari, where they will had the opportunity of seeing the animals, visiting the Petting Zoo, riding on the trams, and at the end of all their activities they enjoyed a refreshing ice cream. We then drive the children back to Blessed House, where a special supper had been laid on for them. Happy faces all round, and many tired children sleeping in the back of the cars on the way home.

Thanks go to our sponsors for their generous contribution to make this event a great success.

For more photos, see this posting in City-Now Online Magazine